Weather and Impact Reports

The purpose of reporting the weather and its impacts

A large number of automatic GeoSphere Austria weather stations can measure temperature, air pressure, wind direction and speed, and other atmospheric variables with high accuracy. However, the actual impacts of weather, especially extreme weather events on the ground such as storm damage, hailstones, tornadoes, avalanches, mudslides, rockfalls, black ice, and wildfires, cannot be measured by these automated stations. Human observation is still necessary for this purpose.

Your reports on current weather and its effects reach GeoSphere Austria in real-time and help improve weather warnings, thus contributing to avoiding immediate and dangerous consequences of extreme weather.

These observations also form the basis for researching extreme weather events and their damages. The frequency of extreme weather events and the vulnerability of our society to weather-related damages can be assessed more accurately this way.

However, most weather is not dangerous or extreme. With, you can inform GeoSphere meteorologists "live" at any time whether the weather forecast is accurate for your location and time.

This is how it works!

The best way to report weather is by doing it outdoors, using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, regardless of location and time.

There is no need to download or install our web app!

Activate internet and location services, open in your browser, select the appropriate reporting parameters using the plus symbol.

A photo always helps to best describe the weather's impacts.

Add a short text if necessary, submit, and you're done within a few moments.

Refer to the following quick guide for more details.

What happens with your submitted weather reports?

The current weather reports reach forecast meteorologists in real-time and contribute to improving impact-oriented weather forecasts and warnings. Weather reports also serve as a basis for case studies, climatological, and statistical analyses of extreme events. All Austrian weather reports are stored in a national GeoSphere Austria database and shared with other European national weather services in an anonymized form for warnings and research purposes.

Click here to access the weather reporting platform

Weather enthusiasts, in particular, can participate in the training program for the "Trusted Spotter Network Austria."

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